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Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a concept that describes how a company takes control of how it interacts with its customers. Typically, each group in an organization will build out customer interactions from its own perspective that of the various silos. CEM is about viewing and then improving the interactions between your business and your customer entirely from the customers’ perspective  and across the entire journey they have with your business.

Functions of CEM

  • Find out how likely your customers are to recommend your brand to their friends or colleagues. Calculate your NPS, hassle-free.
  • Analytics that tell you how your surveys perform across devices. The reporting module lets you analyze the feedback at each question level.
  • Take action based on the insights your surveys fetch you. Plan your strategies and make your customers passionate about your brand.

Benefits of CEM

  • clear accountability between front and back offices, seamlessness and speed can be maintained across the customer query resolution processes
  • Knowing customer View and customer’s concern, enables  sales  and aversions, to deliver superior customer experience.
  • Data from customer satisfaction questionnaires helps executives identify key drivers and metrics they should track across departments and roles.
  • Engage with your customers to reduce churns in business, engagement can be achieved through providing ample and clear content about the key functional benefits of your product and offering regular news updates, such as announcements of deals